Our Story

It began in Europe, over two decades ago. A committed and caring young pharmacist came upon an idea for which her surroundings were too narrow. Few years later she landed in the New World, with a vision, a dictionary, a handful of money, and a hat. Except for the money, which went very quickly, she still holds on to everything she brought with her.

What that young woman knew was that she wasn’t suited for the life of a typical pharmacist (‘excellent career for a woman’ were her father’s wise words). She was passionate, restless and creative, and she would take her knowledge of pharmacy and love of science and apply them to something new, like creating a brand of unique formulas that would encapsulate perfectly everything she believed in: uncompromised quality, deepest regard for health and well-being, concerns for environment, respect for Nature, and unrelenting drive for knowledge – it was going to be wonderful! 

Not deficient in ambition or abilities, but lacking in pretty much everything else, our young heroine quickly saw her eagerly anticipated sprint to glory turn into a windy road over rough terrain with too many  hard knocks to count. Typical life lessons they may be, but it never seems to be so for the student of life who is living them. She became all the richer for the experiences, far more importantly - she became an expert. From a talented beginner, she grew into a master formulator with vast experience in skin care and cosmetic formulations; her vision and commitment intact.

What we present to you today is the evolution of many exceptional formulas developed over the years, each one containing more than just a drop of the essence distilled from the heart and soul.

We have had the support and encouragement of many incredible individuals along the way, many of whom have been loyal customers for years.

Thank you!

We look forward to many more adventures together.

                  sophic-logo-72dpi.smaller.jpg Team