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The art and science of comfortable skin

Formulator’s Notes:

With this formula I wanted to get as close as possible to the optimum combination of comfort and radiance. The activated base, in particular, was critical. Moisturizers are the most intimate products of skin care, and the foremost principle they must meet is comfort. In my experience, this is best achieved by mimicking the lamellar organization within the skin itself. Furthermore, reaching this goal with minimal use of emulsifiers meant approaching comfort on an even deeper level. Once I have created this delicate balance, adding actives was like selecting the finest cherries to enhance an already glorious cake. From the Australian fruit and wild blossoms to Andean highlands and French sustainable cultivation practices, and farther afield, this truly global formula cocoons finest natural ingredients for exceptional care.


Vitamin C - wild-harvested Kakadu plum, the Australian superfruit, is the richest natural source of vitamin C for a radiant and revitalized skin
Resveratrol – sourced from wild-crafted Japanese Knotweed, this incredible compound is a highly effective antioxidant with overall protective action against photo-aging
Hyaluronic acid - ultimate moisturizing polymer obtained from biotech fermentation
Sacha Inchi seed extract – natural peptides extracted from a seed of the fruit native to the highlands of Peru, with efficacy in promoting firmer skin
Lupeol – extract of white lupine seeds, farmed sustainably in France, with well-established benefits in firming and revitalizing the skin
Lipopeptide vector - effective against fine lines, crow’s feet, loss of moisture and vitality
Anigozanthos flavidus - organic plant extract endemic to Australia
that promotes synthesis of dermal structural proteins for firmer skin
Vitamin E – antioxidant naturally present in the skin, which, when applied topically, helps improve skin protection
Calendula extract – Marigold flowers have manifested multiple benefits for skin’s well-being

Activated Base:

A soft, caring emulsion created with a patented blend mimicking the skin’s natural lipids derived from Macadamia, Jojoba, and Olive oils, balanced to the perfect ratio of a 22 year-old’s skin, blended with organic Shea butter and Argan oil, and a natural lipid complex cold-pressed from oat kernels.

First Impressions:

A soft cream with effortless spreading and lubricity, leaving an imperceptible film that breathes comfort and care. Subtle, luxurious aroma built around the pure essential oil of Rose.


Apply small amount (1 – 2 pumps) over face, neck and décolleté following Sophic serums. Use morning and/or evening.

Recommended for the first and advanced signs of aging. Skin types: normal, combination, dry, dehydrated.