Eye Contour Cream

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Eye Contour Cream 15 ml

The botanicals and biotechnology actives gathered around the concept of enhancing the natural beauty of the eyes, delaying the first lines and signs of aging, protecting from the stressors of daily life, and alleviating the common concerns such as puffiness and dark circles

Formulator’s Notes:

I took a different approach with the eye cream formula as opposed to the face moisturizer – here, the base had to be minimalist and discreet. It had to work unobtrusively providing care for the delicate eye area, and serve as a carrier that will best highlight the benefits of actives. The actives selection was driven by the research into their benefits, as established by non-animal testing, and the focus on common issues seen in the eye area, as well as matching our principal categories of care: hydration, activation, protection and prevention.


Daisy flower and Hawkweed extracts – common perennial plants which have shown efficacy in the reduction of dark circles

Microalgae – Polysaccharide complex - instant and long-term tightening and firming effects from a unique blend of purified microalgae extract and high-performing polysaccharide

Hylauronic acid – ultimate moisturizing polymer obtained from biotech fermentation

Tamarind seed extract – polysaccharides-rich seeds of the Tamarind tree, widely grown in India and Southeast Asia, with exceptional moisturizing properties

Green Tea and Pomegranate extracts – antioxidants from a fermented tea and a superfruit with protective and rejuvenating properties

Caffeine – a potent active for reducing puffiness with additional antioxidant and revitalizing properties

Lipopeptide vector – an amino acid and a lipid complex with firming and lifting effect, with demonstrated efficacy on fine lines and crow’s feet

Probiotic Lactobaccillus ferment – balancing of delicate skin

Activated Base:

A delightfully light cream that combines natural gums and phospholipids with Ilipe butter, Olive Squalane, Pomegranate sterols, Grapeseed oil and velvety Myrrh wax for natural care at its loveliest.

First Impressions:

Silky yet natural, this eye cream caresses the skin for a brighter, firmer look. Subtle uplifting aroma of pure essential oils.


Apply small amount under the eye and under the brow with gentle patting; avoid eyelids close to eyelash area. Use morning and evening; at night layer with Iconic Beauty Balm on top. When layering with a Sophic serum - the serum is applied first, then the Eye Contour Cream second.

Recommended for the first and advanced signs of aging. Suitable for all skin types.