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Introduction of Concept:

Science + Philosophy

Science = understanding and study of nature

Philosophy = love of knowledge

It is in the merging of these disciplines that we find ourselves at home.

Our brand was conceived and created by a galenic chemist.

What is a galenic chemist? A galenic chemist is a formulator who combines the education of a pharmacist with the expertise of cosmetic chemistry. In addition to these characteristics our galenic chemist values natural ingredients. This unique alliance results in beautiful formulas curated with a great ambition: transforming skin care products from utility into an experience.


Each formula starts with the search for perfection.


Hand-picked from among the finest, our curated selections of actives embody the vision for each product – be the best in its class.

Activated Base

The secret to the best-loved products is always in the base formula. Our formulas are created to transcend the sensorial and carrier functions of the traditional base. By using naturally-derived ingredients, our master formulator innovates within the traditional systems rooted in synthetic chemistry and creates a new language in skin care. Going natural is to be modern.


What is it about beauty that attracts everyone’s attention? We believe that it has to do with the innate yearning for balance and harmony.Healthy, balanced skin is always beautiful.

We extract equally from latest scientific findings and long traditions. Knowledge is our common inheritance. In art, science and philosophy it has found methods and ethics that can work together for the benefit of all. It is not a state, however, but a process. It has taken us many years, as it should, to attain the level of knowledge and experience which has allowed us to create SOPHIC.

We love natural and naturally-derived ingredients. We have arrived at natural both by going back to traditions and foregoing some other traditions. It is in searching for the best that we truly meet the natural.

But what is the actual role of natural in our products? With actives it is often going back to the traditional use of plants and their derivatives, and going deep into the single isolates as they are being evaluated and reviewed by modern science. New developments in skin care actives typically mimic the elements and components of the skin. With the base formula, it means being elevated to the status of Activated Base.

Biotechnology is exciting. It can reduce waste; it is sustainable; it can utilize natural processes in controlled conditions with extraordinary results; it promises a brighter future.

We support organic and conscientious farming and harvesting. How can we not?

Green processes and materials from botanical biomass. They are of high interest to us, and great work is being done. We hate waste and value conservation.

We are striving to be modern, and we won’t let go of traditions. This is the perfect playground for innovation.


We follow these core principles of great skin care:






Water is in constant flux within the epidermis of a healthy skin. Its evaporation and excretion are as natural as breathing; its optimal balance essential to healthy, radiant skin.

Hyaluronic acid and other epidermal structural elements, like ceramides, create a reservoir of water necessary for biochemical reactions and the healthy appearance of the skin.

A good state of skin hydration is a dynamic target, a microcosm of numerous biochemical factors working in synergy, each within its own system of precarious balance.


Of the myriad processes taking place within the skin, some of them instantaneous and others complex and sustained, the role of quality skin care ingredients is to help maintain the optimum conditions, and improve the odds of the beneficial activities within the skin.


The environment is the principal external influencer on the skin. The unique binary position of skin care products: they are another external influencer by their very nature, and they have an opportunity to play a significant role as protector of the skin. There is the physical barrier of a product being spread on the surface of the skin, however slight, while the ingredients within the formula, with their lipophilic or hydrophilic nature, can help support the skin’s equilibrium.


If the Hydration is the mother of great skin care, Prevention is the beloved grandmother. The wisdom, the know-how, and the slow ways of taking careful steps tested and true, will always reap rewards. Using quality skin care is one of the best investments in the future.


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