You Have Many Choices

2018 Jan 22nd

Going to markets is one of my favourite things to do when travelling or during the warmer seasons in the city. Being surrounded by all that bounty of earth’s best, and the only dilemma is what to choose, or how much of it - makes life both simple and rich. That is a fairly incomparable feeling, however much choice is being offered, because it springs from the belief that what is on offer is real quality. It is just good.

The marketplace is crowded, merchants and purveyors shouting to grab passersby’s attention – digital or on the main street, we are still doing what generations have done before us. And here we are, with our fine skin care products offered in a digital window.

For all that weightless virtual quality, loyalty is for real, as is word of mouth. If you have used our products before, you already know that they are great and unique natural products. If you are new to our concept, take your time deciding – you have many choices.

For our old and for new clients, with the little help of technology, we have started the SOPHIC Insider rewards program: with every purchase you can earn Care Points that can be redeemed as coupons.

You can also recommend to your friends to drop by and try these beautiful formulas we have created. You will both reap rewards.

It is always a great time to have a taste of good life.