2018 Apr 10th

When we talk about skin care today, we mainly talk about ingredients. For a good reason, because ingredients make 100% of the product that is applied to the skin! And yet – that is not the whole truth.

The truth is that ingredients are fairly similar across most products found on the shelves. There are obvious category differences between conventional and natural/organic products (if they are not being greenwashed) - but the products are not the same. You know that, we know that. How can that be?

Because what makes a product unique is the formula. Even an extreme example of exactly the same ingredients, as seen on the label, can still result with different products. That is true not only of skin care and beauty industry; it has been at the root of excellence, trade secrets, and all of human originality since the beginning of time. With skin care products, it will be the concentration of ingredients, the pH, the process… even small changes in any of the factors can result with a noticeable difference in how the product feels and performs on the skin. In the end, as at the beginning, it is the art and craftsmanship, the knowhow that distinguish products: the good, the bad, the mediocre, and the amazing.

So when we talk about skin care products, or any product, we talk about ingredients as the starting point and the art of formulation as the mark of distinction.

Let’s start at the beginning, with the ingredients we use in SOPHIC formulas. This is the conversation that every brand must have.

(to be continued...)