Creating Beautiful Formulas

2018 Apr 24th

(Ingredients continued)Actives are the stars of a skin care product. Activated Base is the opportunity to create an equal partner. Creating beautiful formulas is the art of applied science.The key … read more


2018 Apr 10th

When we talk about skin care today, we mainly talk about ingredients. For a good reason, because ingredients make 100% of the product that is applied to the skin! And yet – that is not the whole t … read more

Six O’Clock: The Beauty Hour

2018 Feb 22nd

Late afternoon is a great time of day for great many things. It has a major social significance, and it is the hour when most employed individuals switch gears between two dimensions of their lives: … read more

You Have Many Choices

2018 Jan 22nd

Going to markets is one of my favourite things to do when travelling or during the warmer seasons in the city. Being surrounded by all that bounty of earth’s best, and the only dilemma is what to ch … read more

Joanne at the Party

2018 Jan 10th

Years ago, at a little black dress women-only event, I was introduced to Joanne by a mutual friend. Joanne was educated, charming and successful. Upon hearing that I was a chemist in the cosmetic in … read more