Antioxidant Serum

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Light serum concentrated with antioxidants for protection against free radicals formed by oxidative stress, UV rays and pollution.

Twelve biological and botanical antioxidants for daily protection from oxidative damage, UV rays and pollution.

Formulators Notes:

The guiding vision for this formula was capturing both the extraordinary health benefits and diversity of the antioxidants found in fruit and plants, many of which are found inside the cells of the body, and applying them to the skin. It was done before, and it has always made perfect sense. Antioxidants have a strong record as effective protectors against free radicals in skin applications and have been shown to carry numerous benefits. However, by their very nature, they are not easy to formulate with. Creating this challenging formula became a personal test: how do I achieve the light and fluid texture that I felt was necessary for a daily protection serum, and infuse it with a long list of active ingredients, each a difficult chemical to work with in a formulation? It was a process that took over two years. The result is a complex and finely-nuanced formulation. Micro-droplets in this delicate emulsion are composed entirely of Vitamin C ester, Vitamin E and Carrot and Tomato infused oil extracts.


Pine extract - A Quebec-based research lab has isolated, standardized and tested extracts from the Canadian Boreal forests through eco-valorisation, and discovered in them Resveratrol.
Coenzyme Q10 - liposomal dispersion stabilizes this highly valuable antioxidant occurring naturally in the body.
Vitamin C ester – stable, lipophilic derivative of Ascorbic acid
Ferulic acid – derived from Rice bran, much lauded antioxidant activity against free radicals.
Alpha-Lipoic acid – biological antioxidant naturally present in the body.  
Caffeine – this alkaloid has many effects on the body, and numerous benefits in skin care including antioxidant protection.
Green Tea extract– millennia-long history of use in Asia for health and beauty, inside and out. Pomegranate extract - native Mediterranean plant, every part of its fruit rich in polyphenolic compounds with anitoxidant activity.
Rosemary extract – another Mediterranean plant with rich and long history of use topically and internally.
Tomato Lycopenes – natural red carotenoid pigment in various fruits with antioxidant activity.
Carrot extract – beta-carotene is a precursor for Vitamin A and along with other topically applied antioxidants may lead to reduction of the appearance of fine lines.
Vitamin E – the most abundant lipophilic antioxidant in the skin, with levels reduced with UV exposure and age. Supplemented with topical application, it can improve skin protection.

Activated Base:

This naturally-derived emulsion is a perfect example of the pairing of simplicity and complexity. The emulsion itself is bare and simple, yet moisturizing and protective. Each new active added to the base added a new layer, and with each step created a new formula.

First Impressions:

Delightful, weightless emulsion, this serum diffuses effortlessly into the skin. The soft orange hue reflects the yellow, orange and red tints of the natural antioxidants, and serves as a proof of their presence. Intriguing yet subtle aroma of pure essential oils enhances the sensorial dimension.


Morning: prepare the skin for the day ahead. Apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum after cleansing the skin, follow up with a cream or Antioxidant Serum.

Afternoon: renew skin’s defenses against the damaging effects of pollution and stress of a work day. Cleanse thoroughly and choose a light (stay at home) or bright version (evening out). Apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum after a thorough cleansing, follow up with Antioxidant Serum. Spend the rest of the evening bare, or enjoy an evening out.

Bedtime: provide the necessary elements for skin renewal. Light cleanse, or just fresh spritz of water/tonic and apply the Multi-Peptide Serum, follow up with a cream.

All serums can be used alone, for all daily applications.

Suitable for all skin types.