A global care moisturizer and skin’s intimate friend.

From biotechnology to organic extracts, antioxidants to natural peptides and finest lipids, Naturalis embodies our core principles of care. It brings hydration; it nourishes, softens fine lines, protects and delights. It is a complex, concentrated formula yet sublimely simple.

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Eye Contour Cream

The most delicate skin around the most expressive feature of a face requires most special attention and care. Our approach marries what may seem as two extremes: a rich, nourishing balm as a night treatment, with the light, actives-rich Eye Contour Cream for daily use. Eye Contour Cream addresses the common concerns of eye care in the form of a fresh and lovely natural cream.

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Each formula starts with the search for perfection


Selected from among the finest and proven to be efficacious, our curated selections of actives embody our vision for each product: be the best in its class.

Activated Base

The secret to the best-loved products is in the base formula.

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Labour of Love

The best of a long career channelled into a project of personal passion. Innovative natural cosmeceuticals created by blending pharmaceutical heritage with the art of formulation.

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